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Note: These projects are all ongoing, yet some are currently more active than others.

The effect of plasticity on future evolutionary dynamics

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Collaborators: Alex Lalejini, Nkrumah Grant, and Charles Ofria

Many studies focus on the evolution of phenotypic plasticity. Here, we focus on what occurs after plasticity evolves. This includes evolutionary dynamics (e.g., selective sweeps) and the evolution of complex tasks.

Rogue Cells -- Poking at Peto's Paradox

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Collaborators: Kate Skocelas, Cliff Bohm, Katherine Perry, Rosemary Adaji, and Charles Ofria

If large animals (e.g., elephants) had the same rates of cancers as small animals (e.g., mice), we would expect the large animals to be riddled with cancers. This is Peto's Paradox; large animals have many more cells than the smaller animals, so there must be some evolutionary pressure reducing rates of cancer in these larger animals.

In this work, we leverage digital evolution to test if space alone is enough to create a pressure for more restraint -- more defense against cancers.

Rank Epistasis

Coming soon!

MABE 2 - Modular Agent-Based Evolver 2

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Collaborators: Cliff Bohm, and Charles Ofria

Digital evolution is an extremely powerful tool, but the software used is constantly changing. MABE2 is the sucessor of MABE. TODO: the rest of the description :^)