Here's a list of some of my favorite projects from days past!

Game Jams!

Game jams are great! I try to do two per year, usually the Global Game Jam and our local SSU game jam. Click on the picture to see the list of projects. Most projects are in collaboration with Andrew Polanco
Pixel Pauper

A collaborative project with Andrew Polanco and Kory Byrne. It featured a homemade 16x16 led screen which we attempted to use for game jam. Screen worked great, but took up most of the time of the game jam... GitHub

GP Rectangle Walker

A simple genetic programming project I made for our Artificial Intelligence class. Golang code that generates Lisp code. The Lisp code acts as the "brain" of a small square trying to touch every square in a rectangular area. GitHub
Locomotion in Digital Worms

The beginning of the end. This is a simple little project I did during my undergrad years. When it started I had very little knowledge of any artificial intelligence techniques, and I didn't know evolutionary computing existed. Fast forward to now, and I still have a long way to go. However, I have learned (and applied!) a few techniques, which will hopefully assist the worms and their lifelong quest to travel to the right.